the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) has called on the auto industry as a result of stricter climate protection targets of the EU to Act. Scheuer spoke of a “major challenge”. He told the German press Agency in Berlin: “there will also need to be a change of strategies.”

by 2030, the auto industry is to lower to an agreement of representatives from member States, the European Parliament and the EU Commission, the emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2 for new cars by an average of 37.5 percent compared to the 2021 target levels. The Federal government actually wanted to mind only a 30 per cent.

the VW group boss Herbert Diess announced as a reaction to a more extensive remodeling program for the group in the direction of E-mobility. With the tightening of the fleet target, the group must lift the share of E-cars in the total sales by 2030, to over 40 percent.

“clean Diesel”

Scheuer said, the “ideological” to be launched at a reduction of CO2 emissions by 2030 at 50 per cent, now, a reduction of 37.5 percent. This shows but also, “we need the whole CO2 discussion for the mitigation of this discussion, the clean Diesel in our mobility concept”.

The German car industry relies on the Diesel, if you want to reach the CO2 targets. Diesel launch with the same engine power less CO2 than gasoline. The Diesel registrations are due to the exhaust gas scandal and the threat of driving bans in major cities on the descent.