French consumers are hugely fond of strawberries. Indeed “2.6 kg of strawberries are ingested per year and per household, for a total consumption of around 110,000 tonnes in our territory”, as reported by the official website of the Rungis market. Nevertheless, when it comes to buying them, it is quite difficult to make a choice.

Indeed, given the number of different trays available in supermarkets, it is common to wonder which tray is the most advantageous. This is why we are drawing up for you today the ranking of trays with the best value for money in France. Find the list directly in our slideshow below

If so many French people love strawberries to the point of consuming them even out of season, it is also because this fruit contains many benefits for our health. Strawberries provide our body with all the minerals it needs. Indeed, they perk us up in vitamin C, manganese, calcium and magnesium.

In addition, containing antioxidants, these sweet little bites help us prevent breast, brain, esophageal and colon cancers. But how do you know which tray to buy at the supermarket? This question often comes up at this time of year, and given inflation, the choice can be a little more complicated. Don’t worry, we list in our slideshow the most interesting strawberry punnets to buy.