Green light for the red fruit. The strawberry season has been launched for several weeks now, to the delight of amateurs. This tasty and deliciously sweet fruit can indeed count on the French who, every year, are there. With 2.6 kg consumed per household per year, strawberries are on the rise in France.

Gariguettes, charlottes, mara des bois… There are now many varieties of strawberries. If their properties and tastes vary, so do the seasons. Indeed, the dates when strawberries can be picked can differ depending on the variety you want, as Le Figaro reports.

Strawberries are certainly delicious, but they only keep for a very short time. There’s nothing more disappointing than ending up with a wilted punnet just a day or two after buying it. Fortunately, there are several tricks that can keep them longer. Discover them in our slideshow.