If you wanted to be one of the few puzzles of everyday life, the past centuries have left our misery disenchanted small Century unresolved, come to the track, you might ask,why the phenomena of the world hot, as they are called. Who actually came up with the idea to call a vacuum cleaner a “leprechaun”? Why is Barbie not Herta, and Ken not the Holger? Why a household sponge “Abrazo” and another “Spontex Universal”, not to mention the model of the “Spongy” since 1873, in the black forest-based manufacturer, “Peggy Perfect”?

Who has called all these eager little devils, all the sponges and blender, chopper and roasting pan, vacuums and blowers, cooker and boiler, a Toaster and a deceiver, breeder and Broiler actually, for the first Time in your name? Everywhere Loriot may have his Finger not in the game.

The Cossack tip under the car name, the Phaeton remains, despite Pinto, Punto, Ritmo and Cactus, Volkswagen in the luxury class, named after the son of the God Helios, who drove his father’s sun Klump. On the unfortunate fate of the mythical patron name mentioned, said a company spokesman, the divine vehicle have survived the incident, eventually to be undamaged. It was created only to persons damage.

Since the German motorists breathe a sigh of relief, pleased him in his childish innocence, and make it easier for his diesel sombre heart, but, according to the ancient Tradition of Faith, so little of the truth as the statement that all VW vehicles complied with the emission standards. “Great cities perish with their walls, and fire sets all the countries with their peoples to ashes”, as it is called in Ovid the of Phaeton caused collateral damage.