After the serious train accident in Denmark, the number of dead has risen to eight. In the incident on the bridge over the Great Belt, five women and three men were also killed, said the Danish police on Thursday. “Our investigations have revealed that two more persons were killed”, said a police spokesman. Four of them were identified. Children were not among them. Bad weather and significant damage to the train was hampered by the enlightenment.

The police was initially assumed to be six dead and 16 injured. The passenger train with 131 passengers, was on Wednesday morning on the nearly seven-Kilometer-long Western part of the Baltic sea-the bridge on the road to Copenhagen, as he was driving in parts on the Track. They had evidently separated during a storm of an oncoming freight train of the DB Cargo.

The 18-Kilometer-long bridge spans the Straits of the Great belt Strait between the two largest Danish Islands, Zealand and Funen. Every day you cross roughly 21,000 Passengers and more than 27,000 cars.