The oldest lobster fisherman in the US state of Maine is celebrating her 104th birthday. At the same time, she is already making plans for the next fishing season.

Virginia “Ginny” Oliver, the oldest lobster fisherman in Maine, recently turned 104 years old and has no plans to retire any time soon, reports the New York Post. She celebrated her birthday with her family in Rockland with her favorite foods: chocolate cake and ice cream.

When asked if she would return to her lobster boxes this summer, she was sure: “Oh, I will go,” the NYP quoted her as saying.

Ginny began lobstering with her father and brother at age eight in the same waters around Rockland that she still fishes today. This year will be her 96th season on the water. Ginny has lived her entire life on the same street where she was born in 1920. With her husband, she raised four children, all of whom became lobstermen.

Her typical day involves putting on her fishing gear, getting on a boat and catching lobsters for several hours, she tells People.

Her 80-year-old son Max still accompanies her on her trips out on the water. After all these years, there is one thing she still loves about lobster fishing: “I’m still the boss,” says Ginny.

When asked by WCSH in 2021 when she would retire from lobster fishing, Oliver simply replied, “When I die.”

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