France does not come to rest. The terrorist attack on the Christmas market of Strasbourg meets a divided country, whose fault lines has placed the protest movement of the “yellow vests” in the past few weeks open. When he was still economy Minister, Emmanuel Macron, the French company awarded a share of responsibility for Islamist terrorism. The Republic had ruined her promise of equality “,” he lamented after the attacks of Paris in November 2015. The attack on the Christmas market reminds the President to the painful fact that the consequences of failed Integration of Muslim immigrants are still not fixed for a long time.

The career of the 29-year-old main suspect Chérif C. produced in France a Déjà-vu effect. The CVS of the French terrorists are similar. Whether they are called Mohamed Merah in Toulouse against a Jewish school children murdered or how the Kouachi brothers, shot in the building of “Charlie Hebdo” editorial Board members: you have attended all the schools of the Republic. You have a French passport. The French welfare society offers a basic level of care and opportunities that would have remained in the countries of origin of their parents or grandparents denied. Nevertheless, they are a result of falling into the crime and have been for a “Holy war” win. The Terror is not in France, not Alien, he comes from the outside. He is made in-house.

that is Why Marine Le pen leads the claim in the wrong, that terrorism can be defeated with the deportation of foreign offenders. The challenge is not small. Because France is still suffering long under a failed model of integration, whose features low level of equal opportunities in the school system, high school drop-out rates and high youth unemployment. To fix these failures will be much more difficult, costly and time-consuming to organize deportations of Gefährdern abroad. Macrons, in the first two years of schooling, particularly small remedial classes to ensure that no one loses the connection, is a first step towards more equal opportunity.