So had expected the markets: The UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, and the EU negotiated Brexit-the agreement was rejected by the British Parliament. Stock markets react on Wednesday, according to clarified. “It seems that traders and investors had been well prepared,” said chief strategist Michael McCarthy from the Broker CMC Markets.

According to the stock exchanges in Frankfurt and London are win started on Wednesday morning with a slight price in the trading day. In Frankfurt, the Dax rose 0.38 per cent, and in London the FTSE 100-listed with 0.22 per cent in the Plus. In Paris the CAC gained from 0.53 per cent. “In the stock market, the majority still believes in a solution in the Brexit-the Chaos – even if at the Moment nobody knows, how this solution is going to look like,” said Portfolio Manager Thomas Altmann from the financial Advisor QC partner.

Larger fluctuations in there before and after the vote, especially the British pound. Now has calmed down the situation but also here. The British currency is quoted against the Dollar in the back to the level from before the Brexit vote. “This shows how uncertain the exit process remains and how little the yesterday’s decision has been reached,” said Analyst Craig Erlam from the Broker Oanda.

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Also, the Euro has moved in on Wednesday morning, as well as the British pound little of the body. In the Morning, a Euro was worth 1,1410 dollars and about as much as in the late
the eve. The European Central Bank (ECB) had the reference course on Tuesday afternoon on 1,1424 dollars.

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he said The head of Deutsche Bank, Christian Sewing, now expects “that it will shift the phase of at least three months”, like the new year’s reception of the German Bank on Tuesday evening in Berlin. “Because the rest of the EU would lose in a hard Brexit half a percentage point of its economic performance is the disruption to trade, the financing conditions and the confidence of investors.”

The most important German business associations to see meanwhile, the rejection of the Brexit agreement by the British Parliament as bad news for the companies in this country. The Federation of German industry (BDI) warned of dramatic consequences. “Companies on both sides of the English channel, hanging in the air.

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A chaotic Brexit moves in dangerously close,“ said BDI managing Director Joachim Lang on Tuesday evening in Berlin. There is a recession in the British economy, which would also draw in Germany unnoticed over the threat. Any lack of clarity was endangering tens of thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of jobs in Germany and especially in the UK.