Thomas left this week to know that it was all pre-booked tours have to cancel. If you already have a advance payment, it will be money can be recovered. However, one can still make a booking via the site, as it turns out. But what kind of risk are you, then?”

if you visit website, will instantly to the website of be be contact. Neckermann makes it up for the sake of clarity, are part of the same group. On the website you can still book a trip. There are deals to Venice, Prague and Lisbon.

you can book A holiday from a tour operator that for the time being has stopped to travel, so that is not a lot of are looking for? You risk to not have that trip coming soon also will be cancelled and your money is lost?

“No, Neckermann provided as is Thomas Cook’s own products, but it also had to travel to different vendors in their supply. It is this last category which still can be recognized,” says Leen Segers, van Thomas Cook Belgium.

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the third party suppliers

“The package travel, have since been removed, but the other trips, there will be no problem.”If you have a flight search to the united states, Canada, the Bahamas, Venice, you name it. The payment is not done by us, but directly to third-party vendors, such as Club Med, Pegase or Expedia, which is the equivalent of the That is the reason why the Neckermann offices will still be open,” says Leen Segers.

now, As to travel directly to that third party suppliers are to be paid, walk away, travellers also have no risk at all, what it sounds like.

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now, as to Why people, directly or indirectly, to that third-party suppliers to book? “Thirty percent of our trips can be booked on-line, and the remaining 70 per cent, in any one of our stores. This proves that our customers have a personal opinion, still appreciate it.”

in Addition to air travel with Neckermann, also have car holidays, holiday homes and villas or ski holidays bookings. “Well if that is the case, we, along with third-party vendors. This allows people to still travel to Disney world and we sell in more Wintertrex a holiday in the winter. Or vacation rentals, or villa’s by the same applies whether HomeAway.”

Thomas Cook hopes that in the meantime, still find a second wind. “The talks with banks and investors, still, and the staff continues to believe that there is a future,” said Seger still the.

Stranded travelers flock recovered:

in the Meantime, it remains for the transportation of passengers to proceed. One-third of the more than 13,000 people who are abroad, could return Friday, Saturday or Sunday, for example, the Travel Guarantee fund said Friday at a news conference.

Mark De Vriendt, managing director of the Travel Guarantee fund, reiterated that the fund will have sufficient funds to meet all the people who are on the journey or have a trip booked for a total of an estimated 72.000 – have to pay it back.

now, the Affected passengers can be made through the website of the fund all claims, however, the refund may be for a period of time to have to wait. The first priority is to keep our customers in the foreign country back to work, but only after the fund’s claims will begin to process, she said.
More about the Thomas Cook-No investigation into the empty groepspot Thomas, the Curators want to know who is in cash at Thomas Cook Belgium, leeghaalde Miss candidates still have to travel, but to drop out, Thomas Cook will cost the organisation a lot of money, the Curators Thomas Cook to the end of the next week in order to plan for the future is to work with