Eve Jobs is ready to take the spotlight! Eve Jobs, the youngest daughter of late Apple founder Steve Jobs, made her runway debut during Paris Fashion Week on Thursday. The model, 23 years old, was a Coperni model. Coperni is a Paris-based brand with a retro-inspired look. She wore a bright green mock turtleneck top with a black pattern mini skirt, futuristic white sunglasses with orange lenses, and black-andwhite platform flip-flops. Also, the model was photographed in a reflective gold foil wrap with a yellow cap. Jobs shared some behind-the scenes photos with her Instagram followers. In the caption, Jobs wrote that “I cannot put into words how amazing this collection is.” It was an honor to be part of the vision @coperni. My loves @arnaud_vaillant and @sebastienmeyer and the entire team, congratulations! Jobs was subtle in her nod to Apple and strutted her stuff while wearing a very important accessory in her hand: Coperni’s new “Origami” bag. Designers Vaillant & Meyer said that the bag was inspired by the iPhone photo icon’s curving shape. Last year, Jobs began modeling and was booked for her first campaign by Glossier. The campaign featured Naomi Smalls, a star of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Sydney Sweeney (“The White Lotus”, and “Euphoria”) respectively. Jobs spent her entire life in hiding, but she has become a prominent horse jumping competitor and equestrian. According to Horse Sport, she was among the top 25 riders under 25 around the globe in 2019 when she made her debut at Pan American Games. Jobs explained to the Canadian outlet that she was put on a pony when I was two years old. However, it wasn’t until six years later that I started riding. Jobs said that she has always loved animals and that this passion was apparent from a young age. She attended Stanford University and majored at science technology society. This is an interdisciplinarity program. After a long fight with pancreatic cancer, Steve Jobs passed away in 2011. Laurene Powell Jobs was his wife. They had two children, Reed Jobs (30 years old) and Erin Sienna Jobs (26). Chrisann Brennan also had a daughter with the tech icon, Lisa Brennan-Jobs (43).