Stéphane (Les 12 coups midi): “I live a waking dream, with each victory I absolutely do not believe it”


He is the strong man of the moment in Les 12 coups de midi. Since August 20, Stéphane has been the undisputed champion of the game hosted by Jean-Luc Reichmann on TF1. As the shows go by, he never ceases to amaze audiences and viewers with his knowledge. An incredible journey for this TV game fan who is not at his first attempt.

Everyone wants to take their place, No one had thought of it, At the foot of the wall… Entertainment has no secrets for the professional foundry worker. But it was on TF1 that he wanted to test his general culture. “Let’s do the Holy Grail of game shows, you might as well go to the 12 noon shots to try the adventure” he says for Planet. “I waited seven years then after 10 selections, the day arrived and since then I have not left the show”.

Three months have already passed and Stéphane continues the exploits throughout his career. “I really did not think I would go so far, perform and last so long. It’s a total astonishment for me”, exclaims the TF1 champion . “I live a waking dream, with each victory, I absolutely do not believe in it. I am only just beginning to realize what is happening to me” admitting frankly. “I didn’t even think I was a midday master, I just came to win the balls (the petanque game, editor’s note) at the start, jokes the candidate.

However, Stéphane excels at each round by answering Jean-Luc Reichmann’s questions, despite some failures (or blunders). The secret of a well-honed general culture to win the mysterious stars? “I get a lot of information on television, but I read very little”, assures our champion “while watching films, reports and documentaries”, as on Arte by his own admission. A mountain of knowledge that the champion treasures in his “hard drive” as the famous host of TF1 would say.

Between the favorite presenter of the French and the prodigy acclaimed by fans of 12 noon shots, the agreement is in good shape. “It’s going well, we have a professional relationship, I don’t have any affinities of my own, but we talk to each other behind the scenes. He reassures me and gives advice. He has great respect between us”.

Despite the success, Stéphane must also juggle filming and his work at the factory. If rumors thought he was going to lose his job, he wants to reassure. “I work on standards outside of filming, it always goes very well. I was told that it was a unique experience to live the show to the full”.

After a hundred entries, a jackpot amounting to 422,447 euros to date and a slew of gifts, Stéphane is already nurturing a big project: taking my mother to admire the Christmas lights in Paris. “She has never been to the capital. Climb the Champs-Élysées, or even the Eiffel Tower. Possibly take a little boat tour because she has never seen that in her life”, explains the candidate who wants spoil his mother for Christmas. But, for 2023, Stéphane has a goal in mind: to reach the top 3. “We will see what the future will tell me”. Will he overtake Paul El Kharrat before the end of December? Will he dethrone Bruno the millionaire? The sequel to the next episodes.