Famous for his role as Jean-Paul Boher, whom he portrayed for many years in Plus belle la vie, Stéphane Hénon is back on the screens. This time, it is in the series Léo Matteï, minors brigade that viewers will be able to find him.

Since November 18, 2022, the famous soap opera of France 3 is no longer broadcast. After remaining 16 years in the series, the actor was still able to bounce back quickly. “I thought it was going to be very hard, but not at all. That’s how it is, we are intermittent in the show. Me, I see the glass half full, telling myself that I had the chance to do this for sixteen years. I’m also happy to have been able to shoot the end with everyone. Emotionally, it was just incredible. “, he confided to Télé 7 jours.

In addition to the personal experience, Plus belle la vie also brought love into the life of Stéphane Hénon. In 2021, it was with his colleague Sacha Tarantovich, interpreter of Irina Kovaleff, that the actor had found happiness. “As the info had come out, we said to ourselves, ‘Let’s go, as much as it’s clear for everyone.’ And then I like having this woman on my arm because I find her very pretty. So I ‘would be wrong to deprive me,’ he then formalized in June 2021. Since then, if their breakup has not been announced by either party, the two co-stars no longer seem to be dating.

Like her father, Stéphane Hénon’s daughter would also like to pursue a career in comedy. “She is starting. She even passed a first casting for Here it all begins. They chose someone else, but she is not going to give up. It is the law of this profession, on which she has a lot back, like me. We don’t save lives, we’re just here to try to give pleasure and happiness,” he told our colleagues.

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