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At the edge of two of the Thursday evening with the most spectacular “output of the urban wing of galicia” started in the same maritime center of the City of La Coruña, the Racing Sea of Maeloc with the start of the Race Rías Altas, organised by the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña. Will be at two in the afternoon, bound for the fishing port of Malpica, with a total of some 22 nautical miles.

In the competition lot-level that encompasses the whole of the sailing heavy galician, because they’ll be in the race patterns of the four galician provinces… starting with the a coruña Fran Edreira that with “Cheek” of the Club Náutico de Sada, which is the boat to beat, as was proclaimed winner of the edition of the Rias Altas 2019. Also this Boat the spectacular Sun Fast 3600 “Lambaix” with Antonio Rivers to the cane.

By the fleet from vigo is one of their best units: the “Bosch Service Solutions”, by Ramón Ojea… that will count with the presence in his crew of young promises (all the crew is from 17 to 20 years with the exception of two of its components) case of the ourensano Alejandro Perez Channel, without doubt, one of the values of the upward candle heavy galician, coach Omar Colmenares, Luis Sampedro, the excellent laserista vigo Carlos García Montenegro…

This unique project “quarry” has the support of the Club Marítimo de Canido, of Sailway, as well as Bosch Service Solutions… being confirmed their presence on board in the Rías Atas, one of the best patterns of the sailing Spanish of all time: the this pattern in various trips around the world… Chuny Bermudez de Castro.

By the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña, there are several options to form part of the group of favorites, in this case, J108 that patronea Jorge Etcheverría “Bodegas Benito Santos”… another of the boats coruñeses that should be up is the very rapid First 34s7 of Nite Enriquez, staffed with a crew of exception in a different pattern of round-the-world, the lugo living in Vigo, the great Gonzalo Araújo.

“Eleko-Mambo” that competes for the Club Marítimo de la Penela, has the ship owner and patron is one of the better rods of the quarry of Monte Real Club de Yates de Baiona, the vigo Carlos Sampedro Curbera. This Hanse 400 is a boat with a lot of potential and is very fast… and it will be in the top of the classification.

Units as “3D Printing Atlantic” William White, the “Mascato” that patronea Enrique Vilariño, the First 40.7 “Mourisca” of a coruña Gonzalo Vazquez Well, “Bastiagueiro”, “Moura”, X-Grog”, “Nostromo”, “Abrego” or “Filispín”, among others, complete participation.

The Race Rías Altas is the first act of the Racing Sea of Maeloc, which has as its foundational philosophy the join náuticamente to the entire galician coast, through their clubs based in the two major cities: La Coruña and Vigo, which will be united in the race after the Rías Altas, with the Trophy Finisterre which will also have an excellent participation in its 120 miles of path… to finish with the decade of the race in galicia: the yacht Race Rías Baixas, that will celebrate between the days 12 to 15 of August, and that in the afternoon yesterday already exceeded the elevation of the 50 participating boats.

The sustainability of the marine environment, is another of the points of foundation and the effect Maeloc is carrying out an important effort, taking care of the smallest details, designed to put value on the most advanced criteria of this plot. Valga the example of the materials they are made from the decor, to the trophies… or even the t-shirts of the participants come from recoveries and recycled… as can be the plastic marine…

In the plot, and health, are currently applying protocols in place… it is worth the data that has been installed in the reception of the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña, a screen of last generation, to take the temperature of all the participants… made in Bergondo (La Coruña) by the company, 3iC, under the name of SCIT (System Intelligent Temperature Control), which has revolutionized the market and is one of the bets of the Sea Regatta of Maeloc Rías Altas of the hand of the Nautical herculino.

At two in the afternoon, from the waterfront in la coruña at the foot of the Cantons, beginning of the Racing Sea of Maeloc, with something more than a score of miles, and destination to Malpica. On the day succeeding him will be the turn of the ports of Sada and Cedeira, to return on Sunday to La Coruna… it will be the forty-seventh edition of the vice dean of yacht races of Galicia, and one of the oldest of Spain: the Regata Rias Altas.

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