All Bundesliga Stars, and the Sky breaks attendance record is finally back in the Bundesliga, and millions to see. The sports channel Sky, with a market share of almost 60 percent, a new record.Eva Tedesco3 Kommentare3 In the Bundesliga is played again. But not only the players and Fans will enjoy the Re-Start after 66 days. Also international Stars squint longingly to Germany.Photo: fresh focus

66 days. So long ago it was, that last game of the League was held. Gladbach won in the mind game against Köln 2:1. After that, the football stood still. The long Wait had on Saturday to an end. As the first big League Germany started again. Finally back to football. Finally back in the Bundesliga. The thought, however, only the German Fans. The international Stars were happy that the Ball is rolling again.

PSG Star Kylian Mbappé reported via Twitter. The 21-year-old world champion followed on TV, the spirit of the Derby between Dortmund and Schalke (4:0) and posted this on Twitter under the Hashtag #BundesligaIsBack. For the French, however, the own season went. The Ligue 1 has cancelled the championship due to the Corona pandemic. Paris Saint-Germain declared at the green table to the master.

Milan Superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic is grateful that, in the Bundesliga is played. He announced via Instagram and the message, with the national colors of Germany. The 38-year-old Swedish striker wrote: “you say it, you do it. Thank You League.” If the A series can be continued, is still not sure. A light look but there are. As of Monday, the Teams are allowed to train again, even if only in small groups.

Eagerly, the Kicker watched in the mother country of football to Germany. England rejoiced not only about the forefront in Europe, it seemed to be in a League to be Hype. The Pay-TV channel BT Sports showed all the games live, the tabloid newspaper “the Sun” on Saturday, a 12-page special edition and the headline: “football is back.” In addition, the newspaper provided a Summary of each Premier League Team a German counterpart was made. For example, Fans of Manchester United at the same time, supporters of the otherwise “hated” Bayern were.

“the First conclusion after 90 minutes: as expected, very weird without the Fans. Still, it’s Fun to finally see soccer again after such a long time,” tweeted the German national team Ilkay Gundogan, with Manchester City still on the Re-Start in the Premier League. BBC commentator Gary Lineker posts to the Bundesliga spirit round the world hit “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel.

So many viewers like never before

So of course, the joy. Not at all, at least. The Re-Start in the Bundesliga, long discussions have been going on. According to the political barometer, 62 percent of Germans are against the resumption of the League have expressed. After the first half of the first spirit game day on Saturday, many seemed to have changed her mind.

Even more clearly, the success of the target group of the offer, the 14 – to 49-year-old viewers. The total supply of Sky came out in these on Saturday afternoon to a market share of over 60 per cent in the target group. A record in the history of Sky, the media magazine further.

never before have so many viewers have seen the Bundesliga in pay-TV broadcaster as this Saturday. 3.68 million TV viewers was one of Sky with Kick-off at 15.30 with individual games and the conference – about twice as many as in the ordinary game days, according to the media magazine “glinner”. The market share was extraordinary 27.4 percent. 2.45 million viewers (18.2 per cent market share) followed also the conference in free-to-air channel Sky Sport News HD.

At 4.11 million viewers, the “sports show” comes in the First. “The current sportstudio” on ZDF followed later in the evening 2.11 million Fans.

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