The return of a cult primetime show. On October 15, host Nikos Aliagas will present the 10th season of the musical program Star Academy. For several weeks, the candidates will train in singing, dancing, acting, under the gaze of the cameras and their teachers who will judge them each week. At the end of the tele-hook, viewers will elect their favorite candidate who will win a contract with a record company.

Like all reality TV shows, contestants are paid based on time spent on the program. On the plateau of Touche not at my post, in April 2022, Jean-Pascal Lacoste had mentioned without taboo the amount of his salary at the time. “I had to take around 300,000 bullets, I’ve always said it, you have to speak freely,” he said and his sidekick Carine Haddadou affirm that the amount was closer to around 500,000 euros. Singer Anne-Louse Sibon, revealed in season 2 of the program, confided to TFX: “We were paid 3,000 euros per week in the castle. We had a small bonus, I believe, of 1,000 euros for bonuses, and after, on tour, it was 450 euros per evening. It allowed me to live on my earnings for almost 5 years. So it represented about half a million”.

Magalie Vaé, big winner of season 5 of Star Academy, revealed that she had lost nearly a million euros after her victory. On the set of TPMP, the singer had mentioned her bad encounters which precipitated her descent into hell. “I was 18 already. We make bad choices, we meet bad people, in the profession or in private life. […] At one time, I had a group of friends, who I thought were my friends, I wanted to please them. I paid them evenings, we took the taxi, I could pay them vacations”, she had declared and to conclude: “The day when there is nothing left, well, there is no one left.