(Fort Lauderdale) Paul Maurice arrived at the Panthers training center on Tuesday in a much better mood than the day before, by his own admission.

“I was a little bit on edge…but I don’t think I scored,” he said Tuesday at the club’s training facility in Fort Lauderdale.

However, the Panthers coach would have many reasons not to be super happy.

But not Paul Maurice, who affirms that this page has already been turned.

“That’s behind us,” he repeated. “People in the league are used to reviewing every play that happens during a game, and then they make a decision. We don’t think about that anymore, and I’m going to stay out of it, it’s over.”

It appears that Draisaitl will not be suspended for this charge. In Barkov’s case, his state of health remains an immediate mystery.

“He arrived with us here this morning, and his condition has not worsened, which is really a good thing,” Paul Maurice said. We’ll know more [Wednesday], but if he continues to make progress, we should be in a good position. He had himself examined, he feels good. But we’ll have to wait another 24 hours to find out more. »

On this subject, there has been much discussion of the numerous basenesses that the players of the two teams exchanged during the meeting on Monday evening at Sunrise, the second of this final.

Fans of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts were served, since we were able to see, in turn, blows to the knees, blows in the matches, and then finally, a player, Aaron Ekblad, who tried to apply the sleep hold to a rival, Evan Bouchard. Pat Patterson would no doubt have been proud.

Paul Maurice believes that this is part of the reality of NHL hockey.

“The referees imposed three or four penalties [Monday evening] for actions that I don’t consider so serious… I’m not complaining. We want checking to be part of the game. We played season games against Boston that were as intense as our playoff games, with the exception of maybe the six playoff games we played against them , which were some of the most intense and nasty I’ve ever seen. »

While waiting to know if they can bet on Barkov or not, the Panthers must continue to prepare, because they know very well that this nice 2-0 lead in the series could disappear just as quickly, especially since the two next games will be presented at the Oilers home. This season, the Alberta club has lost only nine games in regulation time in front of its fans.

“We expect them to respond,” admitted Paul Maurice. There is an advantage like that when you go back to play two matches at home, there is the adrenaline that kicks in. Everyone understands that there are only 10 games left in this season. We’re a good team on the road, and they’re good at home. I’m not going to approach the next match in a very different way. »