Standard for Waasland-Beveren in the slotseconden, a delightful blast from Teixeira brings to STVV have a point


Waasland-Beveren seemed to be Saturday night for a first win of the season, to catch, to George Teixeira, STVV in a minute, the 95 is still moving around and crying. The pattern of the Structure Dierckx it was only one paragraph on the men of He Best. Sint-Truiden, belgium pulled out yet another sigh of relief, after a feeble contest.

For Waasland-Beveren was Nordin Jackers should be used in preference to ex-STVV there, Lucas Pirard, in goal, also Jubitana, Agyepong and for Milosevic’s regime came to be in the national team. Cloudy Smith was on the team plaatsruimen the recovered Pol Garcia Tena.

The first real chance of the match, it was one of them, for the men of Arnauld Mercier. After a misunderstanding with STVV came to the visitors by three in the direction of sixteen, Daniel and Schmidt, but it was shot by Agyepong and lacked direction. On the other hand, he pointed Boli two rake taps for a rash Caufriez. However, it was also in St-Truiden, belgium, is dangerous, and The Carter was in the room would be sent, but forgot to finish it. It had been the only real achievement of the People and for the peace and quiet.

for example, If a team had to score in the kampwissel, the Waasland-Beveren will be. Jubitana put its nose to the window, for W-W, and his volley went well over. Slobodan Milosevic could take advantage after a quick counter, but his gun was badly aimed. The best chance for the Badibanga. He appeared in front of Schmidt, but his effort went over the border. This is the once targeted Jubitana, yet from the second line, between the posts, Schmidt refused to be handsome, which of the brilscore on the board to stay.

finally, Pol Garcia, who remained in the locker room at STVV, he was switched to Jordan Botaka, who have the drive it needed. The Congolese has put up some of the assaults on Boli was a teenlengte deficit to 1-0 on the game board to purchase. Suddenly, was able to Waasland-Beveren by three to one in the direction of the Schmidt, once again, it was damatisch omgegeaan the reuzenkans.

Photos: BELGA < / P> Brys threw it out with the Yuma Suzuki, and an extra striker into the fray, Sint-Truiden, belgium was still more set-up, but he was on the other side. Tuur Dierckx poked the leather is gone with the coming of Schmidt against the nets. Dierckx was five minutes late to even have the chance to have a second goaltje to produce, this time, it was Schmidt’s in the way. STVV tried to get at each other, but Waasland-Beveren took the pace out of the game, as Yohan Boli was for the international match with Ivory coast, another in the leg, he did not reach his best level. Waasland-Beveren (belgium) appeared first victory of the season in the bag, but it is absolutely slotseconden was wrong. The visitors got the ball away, and the leather has arrived for a second time in front of the feet of Jorge Teixeira. With a bone-dry blast, in the square, he earned the Canaries are still a surprise item.

Photo: JEFFREY GAENS (Photo: Isosport