Storm, thunderstorms, peak of mildness… In this month of March, the first month of meteorological spring, the sky seems completely out of whack. Summer phenomena are multiplying after a month of February marked by significant rainfall deficits and an increasingly noticeable drought in the four corners of France. For Planet, Anthony Grillon, meteorologist and founder of the Météo Contact site, deciphers recent events and sheds light on those to come during the season.

“For the first half of March, we do indeed see a significant change in weather compared to February. For four weeks we had an anticyclonic blockage which gave way to a low pressure system, accompanied by the disturbances that were expected in February. We can speak of rain improvement, because it is very good news for nature and groundwater”, explains the forecaster.

For now, the month of March is generally wet. For the next few weeks, we expect the persistence of a disturbed flow, synonymous with low pressure trends. “We are going to have new more or less significant disturbances from Saturday March 18 and for several days, punctuated by breaks. On the overall trend for the month, we should be in excess of precipitation”, continues Anthony Grillon.

Between tornadoes, forest fires and fluctuating temperatures, is this month of March really characteristic of a summer in France?

“Forest fires, thunderstorms … In March, these phenomena are unusual”, assures the meteorology specialist. If thunderstorms have already broken out at this time of year, the electricity present in the air was “at a level comparable to the month of June”, explains Anthony Grillon. Before continuing: “The mildness and humidity of this month of February are classic for a summer month. Forest fires are also rather rare at this time of year, but the month of February has been very dry so they started earlier than planned”.

What should we expect for the next few months?

At the end of March, temperatures should be fairly close to seasonal norms or slightly above. “We had exceptional peaks of mildness, at over 25°C or even 28°C locally in the south-west of the country. It’s a little early to determine if the summer is going to be hot, but the first models leave expect slightly higher temperatures with signals that are milder than normal. In terms of precipitation, there is no preferred scenario at the moment”, comments Anthony Grillon.