Miou-Miou, whose real name is Sylvette Herry, has had many romantic idylls since her early career. The Caesarized actress was the companion of a famous French humorist who is none other than… Coluche! In 1969, aged 19, she fell under the spell of the artist. The latter has just opened a Parisian café-theatre called the Café de la Gare in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. The young woman quickly becomes a full member of the café theater troupe.

It was on this occasion that she later met a certain Patrick Dewaere. Between the two actors it is love at first sight so that Miou-Miou decides to leave Coluche. From their love comes a girl named Angèle Herry into the world on August 13, 1974. A year after the birth of their child, the actress is chosen to play in the film D’amour et d’eau fraîche by Jean-Pierre Blanc. On this occasion, she offers the director to hire her companion Patrick Dewaere to play alongside her. A request refused by the director. Instead, the actress meets the main star of the film, a certain Julien Clerc. The singer seduces his partner so well that Miou-Miou ends up breaking up with Patrick Dewaere. Furious, the actor would have rushed to the film set to do battle with Julien Clerc. In 1978, the couple gave birth to a daughter named Jeanne before separating in 1981.

Since 1998, Miou-Miou had been in a relationship with novelist and former Canal Plus host Jean Teulé. The latter has seen several of his works adapted to the cinema including Rainbow for Rimbaud, Darling, Le Magasin des suicides, Les Lois de lagravité as well as Fleur de Tonnerre in 2017. More recently, Jean Teulé had published two new works: Gare à Lou ! in 2019 and Crénom, Beaudelaire! in 2020.

On October 18, 2022, Jean Teulé died at the age of 69. “Betty Mialet and Bernard Barrault have the immense sadness to have to confirm that their author Jean Teulé would have succumbed last night, October 18, to a cardiac arrest”, wrote the Mialet-Barrault editions in a press release. He would have died of a cardio-respiratory arrest following a possible food poisoning which would have occurred in a restaurant, last weekend reports BFM TV.

Coluche, Patrick Dewaere, Julien Clerc, Jean Teulé… These were the few companions of the actress Miou-Miou. In an interview with Gala, the 71-year-old star agreed to reveal the reasons why she never wanted to marry her former romantic idylls.

“I was asked of course! But I don’t need that. You can have in your head the desire to spend your life with someone without having to say it in front of a witness”, he said. – she explained and added: “I think it was more the children. Love, we can always free ourselves from it frankly, but from the adventure, from the commitment that children are, never. children need rules to lean on, to move forward. And to laugh. Lots of humor, love and attention. And too bad if I sound like a fool when I say that. This commitment has been the best of my life.”

Like many other artists before her, Sylvette Herry decided to take on a stage name for her acting career. Contrary to what one might think, it is not Miou-Miou who found this nickname but one of his former companions who is none other than the humorist Coluche.

Indeed, the latter found that the voice of the actress was similar to the voice of a kitten. The “Miou” will become Miou-Miou some time later. “Moving with her, Coluche had renamed her with a” you’re all soft, all soft, all miou-miou, reports Télé Star.