The German coach of the year is – you would have known that? – Detlef Uibel. If it is not now ringing still: The man’s track Cycling national coach since 1996, and has been involved in the past year, among other things, to the world titles of the later consequences of ousted Kristina Vogel. Was awarded Uibel two weeks ago, however, someone hardly took any notice of it because of the title “coach of the year” is rather below the public radar – in the same way as the Job of many of the trainers also.

this is Exactly why the German Olympic sports Confederation (DOSB) had launched the award in 2005, and so it belongs to the principle that the Sport in its entire width is covered, what looked last so: 2017 beach volleyball (Jürgen Wagner), 2016 canoe (Pure Kießler), 2015 Paraski Alpine (Justus Wolf), and in 2014, the year in which Joachim Löw with the national soccer team became world champion – sledding (Norbert hole).

that Löw was not welcomed to the new year’s day with the result of a representative survey which showed that 41 percent of Germans consider him the Right to his Position. At the same time, but he will also play in 2019 a Central role – not as a coach of the year, but the other way around: in a year of the Trainer. In the exciting, if he can, once again shows the developers that he was the last to 2017 to the confederations Cup, before he drifted as a casual animator of its 2014 Allstars in the world Cup summer. But also in other institutions of the German sport in the coming months to study, what is the meaning of this Job in its most extreme expression, and medial illumination.