Sphere Reverses Decision to Ban Boastful Bong Enthusiast from Phish Show

Reps for Sphere in Las Vegas have announced that the ban on an individual who made headlines by proudly showcasing his bong hits at a Phish concert has been lifted. The initial ban, which extended to all MSG Entertainment properties, was deemed a mistake due to a procedural error. Despite rescinding the ban, Sphere maintains that smoking and bringing glassware to their venues are against policy and local laws.

The individual, known on social media as Acid Farts, sparked controversy with a video of himself taking a bong hit at the Sphere venue during a Phish performance. The video caught the attention of many, leading to a letter from a Sphere attorney threatening an indefinite ban from all MSG properties. While the individual’s identity remains undisclosed, his actions prompted discussions on security measures at the venue.

Sphere’s use of facial recognition technology and strict policies on smoking inside the venue raised questions about the feasibility of enforcing the ban. The viral video of Acid Farts smoking from a large bong during the concert stirred debate on social media, with some questioning the security measures in place.

Despite the ban being lifted, Acid Farts remains unapologetic for his actions, stating that he has no regrets about being banned. The incident has highlighted the challenges faced by venues in ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all concertgoers.

While Phish and Dead & Company concerts are known for attracting fans who enjoy a certain atmosphere, the incident has brought attention to the boundaries of acceptable behavior at such events. Sphere’s security measures and policies on smoking have been a point of contention among fans, with many agreeing that smoking indoors is not appropriate, despite Nevada’s laws on marijuana legalization.

As the controversy subsides, Sphere’s decision to reverse the ban on Acid Farts raises questions about security measures and policies at concert venues. The incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by venues in maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for all patrons.