Change on our roads. For all motorists accustomed to traveling on French roads, speed cameras are well known elements. While some regularly criticize their presence, these devices are intended to enhance road safety by dissuading drivers from exceeding the authorized speed limit.

But some of them are about to disappear from the landscape. Indeed, section radars, whose particularity is to calculate speeding on sections of road, are gradually being replaced by another type of more modern radar: turrets.

Since 2022, when the section radars become defective, they are now replaced by the other model. This decision was taken by the authorities to modernize the device but also because the cost of repairs would be too high. Sections work in pairs, so this change can be made on the entry or exit radar or in the middle of the road section, explains Capital.

For the moment, several municipalities have already made changes like this such as Grenade (Haute-Garonne), Auffargis (Yvelines), Istres, Fos-sur-Mer, Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer (Bouches-du -Rhône) or Essarts-le-Roi (Yvelines), reports

However, this disappearance is not necessarily final and section radars could make their return to French roads. A new generation of this device would thus be in development, even if its deployment should not see the light of day before 2025.