there will soon be a Belgian citizen on the button for Sampdoria Genoa? The risk is only to be expected. The London is a great Hasselaar Fausto Zanetton (43) is a business partner of former Italian cultspits Gianluca Vialli (55) is closed by the assumption of a shared hekkensluiter of the Series. at the End of september and the deal closed may, thus, inform the Italian media.

Fausto Zanetton, town, together with Italian roots and a history as a corporate banker in the City of London, was already a successful in tandem with Vialli as a founding member of the Tifosy. And with that, the online crowdfunding platform allowed Zanetton, and Vialli’s supporters around the world to invest in their own clubs. Now, the duo has, with the financial assistance of an American and a Russian investor, has his sights set on the acquisition of Sampdoria Genoa is a well-established in the Series.

Fans are putting the pressure.

The ex-club, Dennis Praet has a troublesome beginning a good. In the first two matches played were won’t stand a chance lost 0-3 against Lazio, 4-1 against Sassuolo), and the current owner, Massimo Ferrero has been under a lot of pressure from the tifosi to bring the club to sell. Last week was a controversial president, even the police are terrified of, because it is a restaurant, where he had to get attacked and threatened by angry Sampdoria fans. The requirements that Its for the club to sell to the Italian-American consortium, with the clublegende, the former Italian international, Gianluca Vialli as a brand. In the former the attacker has played from 1984 to 1992 in eight seasons for Sampdoria, and is still very popular.

The negotiations between the group and Vialli, and the current board are running for a while, but we are now in a decisive phase. The deal would be around 120 million euros have been. If the sale is to proceed, then it is Vialli, the new president by Sampdoria, and will Zanetton the day to day operational and financial management of the club in your hands. The 43-year-old Hasselaar, the older brother of the lead singer, Marco, Z, which is the first national direttore generale (chief executive officer) of a club in the Serie A. Want to Zanetton take action, if the acquisition is successfully completed.

More over Sampdoria, Police should be chairman of the Sampdoria were once fans of him, they Droomtransfer to the Premier League and are still around to Dennis Praet, Dennis Praet is close to a transfer to the Tube by Youri Tielemans Nainggolan to Sampdoria, toptransfer on for Dennis Praet?