In the dispute over the intended wall on the border with Mexico has supplied the American President Donald Trump in front of the cameras a fierce exchange of blows with the Opposition. At the interview at the White house with the political group leaders of the Democrats in the Senate and in the house of representatives, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, have threatened the Republican President on Wednesday with a shutdown of Parts of the government. “If we have no border security, we will close the government,” said Trump. “I’m proud of, the government for border security.” The Democrats and some Republicans are against the construction of the wall.

Trump welcomed Schumer and Pelosi, to discuss behind closed doors, on his demand of five billion dollars for the construction of a portion of the wall. Prior to the start of the confidential conversation was in the Oval Office but to a heated battle of words in front of the cameras. Schumer and Pelosi stressed that both chambers of Congress would ensure the financing of the government. The wall will not find the required majority.

The Meeting remained without an agreement. Pelosi warned then before “a Trump-Shutdown as a Christmas gift” for the American people. In the case of such a “Shutdown” are employees sent into the forced leave, as well as Offices and institutions closed. Schumer pointed out that of the 1.3 billion dollars that I provided to the Congress in the past year for border security, less than six percent had been spent. Trump had once promised that Mexico will Finance the construction of the wall.

last Thursday, the us Congress had passed a transitional budget. Not the President’s requested five billion dollars for the construction of the wall are included. Trump has until Friday evening, the package to sign.

it Should 21. December, no agreement, would the government run out of money, including the responsible for border guard Department of homeland security. Not the Pentagon, education, health, and the Ministry of labour would be affected, because for these ministries already in September, a longer-term budget was adopted.