those Who have studied before new year’s eve celebration in the bright, colorful Ads in Newspapers and advertising brochures of retailers, the puffs to champagne as a price hit. The Advertise a bottle for only 2,49 euros is not uncommon, even for $ 1.99, sometimes the bargains are lured to the hunter. Anyone considering this price, the sparkling wine tax included of 1.02 Euro, the VAT and the expenditure for the secondary fermentation of the wine, as well as for the bottling, the bottle, the label and the cap, likes to draw conclusions on the cost and quality of the base wines. The lock tenders of the trade show, however, that in the most important sparkling wine market in the world the customers are always on the lure even with the very cheap sparkling wine in the stores. These customers have been accustomed to by the trade as regular special offers to low prices that many of the champagne brands are now rid of more than half of the paragraph about special promotions in the procurement markets.

The Nimbus of sparkling wine as a drink for special occasions, the yet, miraculously, it didn’t hurt. And not every sparkling wine market is so highly competitive and a price war in the trade so dominated the German.

self-awareness on the Biebricher Allee

little red riding hood-Mumm is trying for years already in the internationalization, in order to be as the market leader not only in the local market mechanisms delivered. Far more successful, and more independent Henkell, has been renamed for the new year, in Henkell Freixenet is in this regard. With the Acquisition of the Spanish competitors, the global market leader is born in Wiesbaden, Germany. The major goals for the next few years in a total of, at most, moderate growth of the market reflect, once again, strengthened self-confidence at the Biebricher Allee.

Henkell has supplemented his range of wines from sparkling wine, Prosecco and champagne to Cava and is thus well placed, especially since Freixenet is already in the markets, the Henkell from the map knows. With the money of the Oetker-group Henkell-Executive Board member Andreas Brokemper had the Chance to shape a world market leader. The ability of life once in a Manager. In the case of Henkell after four years of hard Negotiation and Persuasion are likely to the Cork loud pop. And not a cheap from discounters.