finally, The Spanish travel company, Wamos takes for 63 of the 91 branches of the Thomas Cook/Neckermann on. And that has a Match Thursday night against the trustee in bankruptcy was heard. Due to the acquisition of may, approximately 200 workers will still continue, two weeks after Thomas Cook Retail Belgium, in the the bankruptcy was filed.

to The trustees to provide at the moment no information on any of the branches of the lost profits reisgigant, under new management, the doors are open. Thomas Cook Retail Belgium, drew about 500 people, of whom 150 are in the Brussels and walloon regions. The stores that have a future ahead of it under the Wamos would be scattered all over the country as a whole.

Due to the acquisition of some 150 jobs have been secured at the stores. Also, it is in the main office, are some of the activities, even though it’s going to be a small group of about 25 people. The department’s incentive (which is group that organizes, for companies and organisations), the e-commerce department, the media department, and the department of cruises, their activities will continue, which is good for 10 people. 10 members of staff working in other support services are also available for the work to continue.

as for The rest of the staff more than 300 people, was the beginning of the last week of their resignation, and don’t expect to get a job at the new Spanish player on the Belgian market.