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Coca-Queue returns to be in 2019, the product of large consumption, more close to the spaniards, with 134 million contacts with the consumer, a figure that logs 4 million less than the previous year. To Coca-Cola continues to Pozo -with 116 million people and 10 million below with respect to 2028-which is also the brand that enters in the shopping cart after reaching 76.8% of households. is Campofrío occupies the third position, with 100 million contacts. is Central Lechera Asturiana (96 million people), Rooster (61 million), Danone (58 million), Activia (57 million), Pescanova (54 million), Bimbo (54 million) and Puleva (53 million) complete the list of the top ten report “Brand Footprint 2020” presented this Tuesday by Kantar.

in Addition, the brand that grew most in Spain in terms of “contacts with the consumer” was the signing of sausage Catalan The Jungle, with a rise of 8%, followed by Orlando (7%) and Central Lechera Asturiana (5%).

During the presentation, the director for southern Europe of Kantar, Jorge Folch, noted that, “the data show a good performance of the local brands: six of every 10 have increased in value in the last year; by contrast, seven out of every 10 global brands have fallen in value in the same period. It is very remarkable that eight of the 10 brands in the ranking are trademarks of Spanish origin”.

The ten most popular choices in the supermarket in Spain – KANTAR

The brands that managed to fill the basket of the Spanish “share a number of levers that drive their good results” because innovated two times more than the rest , nine of every 10 invested in advertising, all of which increased the promotional activity was 7.5%, and at the same time, intensified their presence at the point of sale, especially in supermarkets regional.

By region, Coca-Cola was the leader in six autonomous communities (Aragon, the Balearic islands, Cantabria, Catalonia, Valencian Community and Community of Madrid). But, the Spanish The Well was also the most chosen in the other six (Andalucía, Canarias, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura, Navarra and Region of Murcia). For its part, Campofrío is the preferred brand by consumers in Castilla y León and the Basque Country, while Central Lechera Asturiana in Asturias and La Rioja. For its part, Larsa was the brand to head into Galicia.

on the other hand, and although this classification has been made with data prior to the impact of the coronavirus, Folch has stated that “with the changes that have occurred, and that have behaved variations are very relevant in the dynamics of large consumption , brands have been more resilient. However, now more than ever it is key that each brand to tailor its strategy to its customers.”

To prepare the report, Kantar has quantified the contacts with the consumer of every brand manufacturer -are not considered white markings or distribution-because it measures how many times a flag is chosen at the point of sale and is added to the percentage of households buying -penetration – and the frequency with which they do it.