The California space SpaceX has officially frequencies are applied to a further 30,000 in the satellites, in addition to the 12,000 of which had been provided for scheme for the benefit of a worldwide, high-speed internet access.

The American Telecomautoriteit the FCC on October 7, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Geneva, and twenty applications were submitted for each 1,500 of the satellites, likewise, Alexander Vallet, as the head of ruimtevaartdiensten in the organization of the French press agency (AFP).

The ITU coordinates the global spectrum of radio frequencies and orbits of the satellites. On his website, there are twenty engineering applications for SpaxeX to take a look at.

A spokesperson for SpaceX confirmed to not be directly in the number of satellietjes that Starlink would eventually include. However, he said that the company “takes measures to take the total capacity and the datadensiteit of the Starlink network has to develop in order to meet the anticipated growth needs of the consumer.

SpaceX has in the space of a breedbandinternetwerk launch, and in competition with, for example, the start-up OneWeb, or it is Being project managed by Amazon.

in each of the 227-kilogram weight kunstmaantjes a relatively low orbit.

at SpaceX in may, the first of sixty pieces that launched. Five percent of them was within a month after the launch of out-of-service.

Current rotation, there are more than 2,100 active satellites surrounding the planet at about 23,000 objects in total), as well as rocket stages, discarded and satellites are being used. That is, the number of doubles generates the dual concerns: over-crowding in the low jobs, with the risk of collision and disturbance from astronomical observations.

at SpaceX, says dispositieven to faulty man-made satellites out of their orbit, and collisions can be avoided.