The Mars probe, “InSight” has for the first time, recorded the Wind on the Red Planet. As the American space Agency, Nasa, announced on Friday, has been included on the solar modules of the probe blowing Wind from an air pressure sensor and a seismograph on Board. The deep rumbling blade “is a bit like a Flag blowing in the Wind,” said the scientist, Thomas Pike, from Imperial College London. “It sounds really alien, and that’s exactly what it is.”

According to Nasa, the recorded wind gusts had a speed of five to seven meters per second. The Wind was blowing, therefore, first of all, from a North-westerly and then South-easterly direction.

“InSight” had on 26. November on the Mars is placed. The landing was preceded by a nearly seven-month journey of the probe through space. One of the experimental devices on Board the landing platform with a built in Germany, driving rod to hammer on the surface of Mars, up to five meters deep hole.