for the First time in history, landed a spacecraft on the far side of the moon. The Chinese “Chang’e 4” put on in the early Thursday morning at 3.26 PM on Aitken crater near the South pole of the moon. The official Xinhua news Agency reported. The state broadcaster CCTV talked of a successful landing.

trips of space ships and astronauts on the moon, there was already a lot of. China is the first Nation that landed on the earth-facing side of the moon. On Board of the “Chang’e 4” is a robot vehicle to explore in a next step, the Terrain around the landing site.

Chinese experts had referred to the Mission in the run-up as very demanding. As an obstacle, the friction was lots of communication with the earth, because on the back of the moon there is no direct radio connection can be established. Therefore, the Chinese brought back in may the transmission of satellite “Queqiao” (bridge of magpies) in the Position of signals from the radio-shadows send.

With a smooth flow of the lunar Mission is to be demonstrated that China’s ambitious space program is making great progress.