Limit the burner to remain in South Tyrol “state of shock” because of Austria between Bolzano and Vienna prevails otherwise a lot of false friendship – but now you will feel in South Tyrol twice hoodwinked.Oliver Meiler from Rom1 Kommentar1Kontrollen on the burner: Since March, no one will not come through, the really need to. And who may that is medically tested. Here, workers install the Blockade.Photo: Jan Hetfleisch ()

As soon withering friendships in times of Corona. Normally, the Ruling South Tyrolean people’s party and Governor Arno Kompatscher boast that they know in Vienna, a good friend, one that we use first names and, if necessary, always on the “short way”, as the bilingual online newspaper “Salto” wrote: via cell phone. Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s Federal Chancellor, is a Familiar kompatscher’s.

they were already walking together, to the Ortler mountain, there are beautiful pictures. They are politically good. If Bolzano-Bozen has once again problems with the Italian Central government, which happens quite often, then assistance comes from Vienna – also in the Form of historical provocations. The wounds are quickly re-open. And the heart of some of the “Tedeschi”, as the Italians call their German-speaking fellow citizens in South Tyrol, then fly over to the supposed father land behind the burner. Behind the border, which has made the Schengen obsolete.

Sebastian Kurz and Arno Kompatscher, on the Ortler, 2016.Photo: Facebook (PD)

“when and if an Opening this summer will be possible, depends on Italy’s development.”

Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s Federal Chancellor

And now: The border is, to some extent, with the turnpike, over may only be transported, who Were, or necessarily must be. And so it shall remain for the time being, also, when it comes to Short. He could see “no prospects for an Opening” the border to Italy. “When and if they will be in this summer is still possible, depends on the development in Italy,” he said of the “Tiroler Tageszeitung”. Was meant to be: the epidemiological development.

Austria could open only countries where the situation “is similar to that in us.” Germany and Switzerland, for example. At best, corridors are for German tourists who want to travel to Italy and Austria on the way back, just pass through without stopping. Possible soon: Italy has decided, its land borders on 3. To open in June, if the infection numbers in the meantime, not again rise sharply.

for mid-June, the border openings are planned elsewhere, then, selectively and bilaterally, if Europe does not soon find a common solution with a common set of criteria by wrestling. The demands of Rome, it feels just discriminated against. Italy’s Europe Minister, Vincenzo Amendola said about the closure of the outer border of Austria: “If it wants to protect its tourism, it seems to me to be a sensational Trick.” Austria attempts to keep German tourists who, otherwise, to Italy in the holidays, in.

33 million overnight Stays and a great cause for concern

Short – ‘ friends in Bolzano, to be forfeited in the “shock and awe”, writes the “South Tyrolean daily newspaper”. To do this, you must know that the Autonomous province ahead of all other regions of Italy, have solved the Lock – and the Shutdown, it has the easing really enforced against the reluctance of Rome, as soon as possible to be ready for the accommodation of tourists from abroad.

33 million overnight Stays in South Tyrol in the year, tourism is one of the most important sectors of the economy of the province. This year, it expects large losses. Of course, you will be even more significant if the outward journey from the North is prevented in the summer months, or disabled. Actually, the season would have started in South Tyrol, the Hotels are now open in the coming days.

It is a double shock is rigid: Austria, with his Chancellor at the head of the group of four so-called austerity countries do not want the Corona hard-hit South are no unconditional grants for the reconstruction of seeds, such as Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron suggested. It also includes to: the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. Their Blockade would take and should have success, primarily Italy – and South Tyrol. Because of best friends and a source of protection.

“Short-like an Emperor.”

Michaela Bianco Fiore, Boznerin and deputies of Forza Italia,

For the “Italiani” among the politicians in South Tyrol, Kompatscher and the SVP like too great a proximity to Vienna is of course a pretty template. In the short run “is like an Emperor”, and South Tyrol to add to damage, for example, the Boznerin Michaela Bianco Fiore, members of the civic party, Forza Italia.

The young party Team K, in turn, headed by the Informatics entrepreneur Paul kölle sperger, can align, you see, again, how much this friendship was in truth value: “a damn”. A Declaration of bankruptcy, the. The only “hard national interests”. Also, the commitment to the Euroregion Tyrol is now in a new light, it is the best.

“somersault” shows on its Website a cartoon, you see Sebastian Kurz at a press conference, a Reporter asks him: “The border remains so. What do you think of South Tyrol, the country’s main man has to say?” In short: “Oh, is there one at all?!?”

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