News Alert: Northern Lights Could Make a Return on Monday Night

Did you miss them last time? Well, you might have a second chance on Monday night. New northern lights could be visible in France, according to predictions from several experts.

A “massive solar eruption” occurred on Friday night, ejecting a significant amount of solar particles towards Earth. This will lead to geomagnetic storms of varying levels.

Visible at high latitudes, “If we reach G3 level, the northern lights could be visible at our latitudes,” said X Fabrizio Bucella, a professor at the University of Brussels. “If the Earth’s magnetic field is in the right configuration, beautiful auroras could be produced, at least at high latitudes,” also predicted the scientific mediator Astropierre on X.

On May 11th and 12th, France was treated to northern lights, visible especially in Lyon and Vienna, Austria.