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The Red Beiaardcomité the Four ‘Heemskinderen’ – referred to. Five of the families were of the candidate: two of them Grembergen, two in new jersey and one in Km. Eventually, meet, Martin, Van, Stan, and the Date Cassiman, it is best to to the terms and conditions.

in A Ros Beiaardommegang, it is not conceivable without the Four ‘heemskinderen’ on the back of the peird. This tradition existed at least since the 1460 in new jersey. However, not everyone is allowed to just sit on the Horse. The prospective brothers on top of rigorous set of criteria. The five families is presented as a candidate, he was elected.

Martin (15), Van (11) Good (9) Date (9) And Cassiman were in line with most of the terms and conditions. “We’re very pleased,” says Martin. “I thought, ” that is, we are not going to make it, because we are not solid in new jersey and have lived in it, but the other families did not. So, it was an explosion.”

the youngest of the brothers, love them. “I’m going to posture on the horse,” says Lander. “And I’m going to take the sword home again.” That they had their peters, and the brothers Veldeman, who, in 1990, on the Horse sat down.

The Four ‘heemskinderen’ is one of the most important elements of the procession. “This is the first entry of the Four ‘heemskinderen’ in Dendermonde ommegang dates back to 1460”, said mayor Piet Buyse (CD&V), who is also the chairman of the Red Beiaardcomité. “Not according to the tradition of the four brothers who were born of Dendermonde parents. The young knights sitting in a harness on the Horse. On their helmets, showing off the white and red cables. With their swords high in the air to greet the crowd.”


the other four families there was, however, what a disappointment. “My brother, Julian, was too young, but somewhere along the way that we’re not going to make it,” says the Victor Of a Job. “We are very pleased to have the opportunity in a different role to participate in the procession. And for that, we’ll do it.”

Also, with the Mouton family, there was a bit of a disappointment. “We have been born into Money”, says the Bass is Golden. “So, we fell rapidly. I do think, however, that we will be walking in the procession, and so we are happy that we have our candidate. Unfortunately, we don’t, but it is up to the brothers, Cassiman, of course, came on the market.”

the brothers emiel, it is expected that they will take part in all the preparatory events and the official ceremony will be in the context of the Ros Beiaardommegang, and that the provisions of the code of ethics to comply with. “As a token of their appreciation, they will be after Ros Beiaardommegang for the whole of their life is recorded in the collective memory of the Dendermondenaren,” said Patrick Seger, director of the procession.

During the war, ommegangen had the honor to get the Horse Up to be ridden, given to the families of Bombay, (1952), Leybaert (1958), De Jonghe (B. 1975), Veldeman (1990), Coppieters (2000) and Van Damme (2010). On the 24th of may 2020 will be the turn of Martin, Van, Stan, and the Date Cassiman. On the 5th of January, they will be at the new year reception of the city was officially designated as the Four ‘heemskinderen’.
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