Soon again strolling along the lake of Zurich opens the shores of the lake again – but not immediately since the middle of March, the lake is cordoned off. The first walks on the right lakeside, but only in a week.4 Kommentare4Bald accessible again: the Promenade on The shores of lake Zurich.Photo: Keystone

The pressure on Zurich’s security head has grown with each day of the closure of the lakeshore. Now she has decided to open up the promenade again, as she writes in a message. But not immediately: The promenade by the Utoquai to Hornbach, the leaf, the meadow and the upper Latvians are only on 6. June, again for the population released.

Why does the city of this earlier, already from Saturday are allowed to meet again groups of up to 30 people in the Public? “On the 6. June should all go up, the Federal Council wants it. The security head of the Department follows this logic,” says Mathias Ninck, spokesman for the security Department. After the Opening, the distance and the hygiene rules of the Federal government would continue to apply. The city police has the task to enforce them. “Your work is certainly not easier,” says Ninck.

The closure was politically controversial. Weeks ago, the liberals and the Greens called for the Opening. In the few Places where the lake was still accessible, such as on the Landiwise and the Saffa-island, was going on according to a lot of. The city police admitted the meadows repeated because too many people crowded on the limited space.

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On 20. March has blocked streets in the city Council as a measure in the fight against the Coronavirus, several squares, parks and promenade. Many of the Parks, such as the fritschi meadow, or the Baker system, were already at the 11. May open again.

The town Council has also decided, on 6. June also all indoor and Summer pools are open. The conditions under which this can happen is still unclear. The concepts are in process.


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