Sonia Rolland, Ingrid Chauvin… These stars in a relationship with their childhood sweetheart


You never forget a first love. Anonymous and celebrities know this very well. Everyone has their own secret garden and stars, in particular, are very discreet about their private lives. When some do not expose their couple on social networks, they make unexpected revelations.

Indeed, it happens that a love of youth returns from our life to the point of no longer leaving our thoughts. A few stars, listening only to their hearts, have decided to give their romance another chance. From cinema to television, without forgetting music, these stars are currently swimming in happiness.

Like Sonia Rolland, Miss France 2000 and actress, who reconnected with a former partner. “I’m living a wonderful story. What’s very funny is that I found a love of youth from eighteen years ago. Frankly, I wish everyone, it’s so beautiful and strong”, confided the heroine of Criminal Tropics in Télé-Loisirs. “It was obvious for several years, our friends told us:” Finally, you are together! We support each other and we understand each other completely, because we have known each other for so long…”.

Like the former beauty queen who became an actress and mother of two daughters, Ingrid Chauvin found love again with Philippe Warrin. After her divorce from the father of her son Tom, the famous actress of Tomorrow belongs to us, spoke of this flashback with the famous photographer. “As soon as we saw each other, there was this incredible emotion, the feeling of having before you the other half of the puzzle that we are all looking for”, she confided for Gala, while specifying however. “But at the time, we weren’t available. It was an impossible love.”

Living their romance in broad daylight, Ingrid Chauvin and Philippe Warrin sometimes appear on social networks, but also in public, as last September at the La Rochelle 2022 TV Festival. For other stars like Jennifer Lopez or the ex – wife of Dany Boon, “reunion” also rhymes with “marriage”. Back in pictures on the stars who have reconnected with their love of youth.