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Soft: the weather will be on holidays

Of snow, hardly a trace: At Christmas, the weather in Germany is mostly foggy-cloudy and mild. Only in higher altitudes of some mountains and a few flakes instead of rain from heaven to come in the next few days, as the German weather service (DWD) in Offenbach announced on Sunday. The temperatures therefore remain in the daytime are often far above freezing point, and in some Parts of Germany the sun for a few hours.

On Christmas eve, the strong rainfall over the weekend warping slowly in the direction of the Alps. There were only scattered showers, and in the North and the West, it will stay generally dry, the sun is shining. In the East it should be with maximum values of 2 to 5 degrees cooler. Otherwise it was up to 12 degrees.

How is the weather at you? Look here.

On Tuesday – the First day of Christmas – it will be cloudy, according to the DWD in the northeast half of the strong, also it rains and to. In the higher altitudes of the ore mountains and Harz mountains, the snow the case. Often foggy-cloudy, in the southwest, partly cloudy. Temperatures can reach 3 to 8 degrees. On the Baltic sea, and in the higher mountainous, the experts expect the strong to stormy gusts.

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