Söder on-site: New, heavy snow falls in upper Bavaria,


    in Bavaria, the Prime Minister, Markus Söder (CSU) wants to make it on Saturday, a picture of the situation in the snow affected areas. He takes part in the morning at a meeting of the forces in Bad Tolz, in order to inform about the work of the auxiliary organizations. The helpers in the southern part of upper Bavaria, with a new five inches of snow expected starting Saturday evening.

    The case of a disaster is already circling in five Bavarian country. They’re like little flakes less, the masses of Snow in Parts of Europe, but remain more dangerous. On Friday, the 48-year-old driver of a snow plough in the Bavarian town of Lenggries died and keeled over, as his vehicle on a bridge and into a river rushed. In Bulgaria, two snowboarders died in an avalanche, they themselves have triggered. They had been outside the ski slopes, crosses the Pirin mountains, along with two other men, on the move, reported by Bulgarian media.

    At the airports of Munich and Frankfurt were cancelled on Friday, around a hundred flights. The rail traffic remained on many routes in Bavaria interrupted. According to a railway spokesperson, numerous trains per day travelling from also fall in the coming days. In Austria, the Federal army took a large group of students from the Ruhr area, with two helicopters from a mountain.

    More than 2200 volunteers and emergency workers were in the southern part of upper Bavaria. The German army sent 350 soldiers in the deep snow-covered counties. They freed the roofs of the heavy snow masses, underserved residents of vehicles in hard-to-reach places and transported helpers with armoured chain.

    From Saturday night to Monday morning should it rain in the Saxon low mountain ranges to snow, but especially back in the Alps and in the Bavarian forest and at lower elevations. This could exacerbate the situation dramatically and the snow collapsing roofs even harder to make.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to assure that the number of the forces could, if necessary, be increased. They also expressed their grief over the death of a nine-year-old boy was killed on Thursday in Munich, by a falling tree.

    Many of the gyms in the South of Bavaria remained because of the heavy masses of Snow on the roofs locked. In clearing their roofs have a high priority, said a spokeswoman for the district office of Miesbach. The gyms would have to be kept as a possible emergency shelter – among other things, for citizens or rescue workers.