What could be more annoying than losing your socks in the mystery of the washing machine? It is a well-known phenomenon which, far from being mysterious, can actually be explained in several ways. First, be sure to shake out your clothes to make sure a sock hasn’t gotten stuck in a hem or sleeve. Your socks may also get stuck between the rubber gasket and the drum of your machine!

To remedy this, there are various tips that will change your life. According to TF1, an entrepreneur from Lyon has invented models of inseparable socks which are equipped with a magnet, thus allowing them to hold in pairs. You can buy this type of socks, or sew your own Velcro or magnets on your socks so you never separate them again. You can also invest in small, inexpensive items that will change your life: a washing net or a safety pin, so you don’t lose your socks again. No more orphan socks!

To avoid having to deal with mismatched pairs of socks, also be careful not to overfill your washing machine. In 2019, Pierre, an after-sales service employee at the Darty store, explained to TF1: “Let’s say that a machine that is too full of clothes will tend to crush the plastic gasket that surrounds the drum, thus facilitating the passage of small parts between this one and the vat”. Always be sure to respect the maximum capacity of your household appliances.