Since the advent of social networks, various changes have led to the evolution of these tools, which have become essential for many generations. While improvements are constantly being studied, the Meta group recently announced that it was currently considering the upcoming introduction of paid subscriptions. News that could considerably rethink our relationship with social networks. We take stock.

Now present in our lives on a daily basis, Facebook, Instagram, X and, more recently, TikTok, are essential tools, appreciated by a large part of the population. While Facebook had, until recently, the motto “It’s free (and it always will be), things could evolve, if we refer to discussions currently underway within the Meta group. Indeed, as As our colleagues at La Dépêche report, studies would be on the agenda to launch paid subscriptions.

For the moment, the planned subscription would only concern advertisements. It would therefore remain free for users who would like to keep advertisements in their news feeds. According to several foreign media, subscriptions could vary from 10 to 17 euros per month and would be offered in Europe. For France alone, Facebook therefore has 40 million monthly active users on an application using targeted advertising according to the data collected. Regularly the target of EU regulations in this regard, Facebook has already received convictions and could therefore use these paid subscriptions to avoid a fine estimated at 6% of their turnover or a ban on these targeted advertisements.