Social aid: the 3 benefits that should increase in 2023


The Social Security financing bill (PLFSS) has been at the heart of many debates for the past few days. With the PLF (Finance Bill), each year it sets the main guidelines for the State budget.

This year, the big fear concerns the first text, which must also establish the pension budget. “The government could therefore decide to add an amendment to this text which would make it possible to extend the contribution period”, notes Franceinfo.

However, the newspaper Les Echos, which obtained a copy of the bill, assures us that the PLFSS has some good surprises.

First of all, it provides for a new revaluation of retirement pensions on January 1, 2022. “But the revaluation will remain modest: 0.8%”, specifies the daily. The final rate should be determined between November and December, depending on inflation.

And retirement would not be the only benefit to experience a further increase, if the project were to be voted on.

Two social aids, the Active Solidarity Income and family allowances, should also be upgraded. This time, the increase could “climb” up to 1.7%, and paid from April 2023.

A rate which remains however lower than that of April 2022, when these benefits had been revalued by 1.8%.

0.8%, 1.7%… Increases that cannot be refused in times of crisis, but which will certainly not fill the wallets, while inflation is soaring at nearly 6%.