Shortly before Christmas and moved in at the Frankfurt Zoo’s new penguins. Instead of the gentoo penguins, which were previously held in the Exotarium behind glass, there is now Humboldt to see the penguins. The first 19 were presented on Friday to the Public.

The last few gentoo penguins are on 11. December moved out – they were delivered to the Zoo of Wuppertal, Stefan Stadler, head of the scientific Department, reported. The new Humboldt penguins arrived this week: from Landau, Germany, Schwerin, and Rheine; in January, six more will come from France.

“In contrast to the cold-loving donkey penguins, Humboldt penguins are coping with the Frankfurt climate very well,” said the spokeswoman of the zoo. As a result, the animals could be kept throughout the year on an outdoor plant. Which is still in construction: two years Ago, the construction works have begun in the next spring the plant is to be opened.

Great offer for the birds

The penguin-investment costs of 7.2 million Euro. The almost 2000-square metre site has space for up to 40 penguin couples. To be part of the complex includes a country, a basin with different water depths, a cave and a Peninsula for the visitors.

Until then have to settle for the Humboldt penguins with the so-called Exotarium. This dates back to the late 1950s, and, as the Zoo itself admits, “in all respects out of date”. If the external system is ready and the Humboldt penguins are allowed out, is not only good for animals and visitors, but also saves energy, because the Zoo need to cool any building.