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Bruno Hortelano, champion of Europe in 2016 of 200 meters, beat this Monday in Andorra, with a mark of 15.42, the record of Spain of the test is 150 metres away.

the Gardener has improved the previous world record national, who was in possession since 1997, Alfonso Borreguero with 15.64, and Francisco Julian Sarmaniego, with 15.5 manuals since 1990.

at The end of the test, Bruno Hortelano was more than satisfied by a few mixed feelings after almost a year without competing. “A part of being happy with the brand I am satisfied that I have been able to run the race the way that I was looking for,” said

“I’ve been able to stay within my goal, which was to be present, that is to say, I was on the starting line, without regard to the goal, and this few times I’ve done it. Today has left me well and in the race I’ve come to a thought, and I thought: ‘Be here now’, ‘I’m here now’. Someone special told me before the race allow yourself to flow and I have fluid,” he added.

Bruno Hortelano retrieves sensations competitive. “The bodily sensations and mental have been that they had to be. If we have learned anything this year is to have patience on one hand and on the other to have flexibility in the agenda. The confinement has helped me because in a scene so uncertain for everyone in the world is career, I have achieved my goal of being present”. His reappearance with a national record in the 150 meters is a shot.”

“By this I live, to compete. So long ago that no racing that had been all training and investment. As it says my coach: ‘Money in the bank’. I finally got some of this”, he added.

About upcoming races, Farmer bet by the philosophy of going ‘game by game’. “My goal was to be the race is on and now will I return to Barcelona, tomorrow I will have to do a good warm-up, past morning physio and then we will see because I don’t know what career I will do. Season is a very atypical, and the races are coming up like mushrooms out of nothing. Yes, I feel that I am maintaining a good inner peace and I hope to keep it throughout the year,” he said.

Neither wants to talk about the olympics from 2021 in Tokyo: “My goal is to be here and now. In the background I am ambitious and I have dreams very ambitious and I’m going to go with it all for them. Yes, the less you become obsessed in getting, is the best option just to get there”.

On the record, Bruno Hortelano was aware that this Monday was in front of a good chance to beat it. “Based on my training I knew I was in very good shape. I am lighter than ever before. I’ve done a workout with more intensity and less volume and I am more rested in the bones and in the joints. I knew that I had a very good choice for making brand,” he said.

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