The Bus ride to the river Scheldt and the albert canal has been so successful that some of the passengers refused to be. But, nevertheless, it is a long-term future is still not guaranteed, as reported by the Antwerp-based havenschepen Annick De Ridder (N-VA) is on Radio 2.

Last month were the Buses, with more than 100,000 passengers in 2019 at the latest, that there have been more than 800,000. To be very popular, but is now in the Port of Antwerp, as the funding is threatening to stop it, is it possible to put an end to the Water.

“We can do this, as the Port will no longer continue to provide the services,” says The Knight. “We’re going to try to do everything possible to make sure that any other government, in Flanders, the public can take. It has been a great success, in no small part to the commuting to and from work, and then we have to look at what level that will continue to be financed can be.”