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Virgin Galactic has made public the images of the cockpit of your ship SpaceShipTwo, the first of the company designed to carry turtistas to the space. With a futuristic design, the probe has a dozen windows, custom seats for each of the six passengers can go on each flight suborbital and 16 cameras that recorded the whole experience.

Well detailed in an online event in which the designer of the prototype, Jeremy Brown, explained that it will also add a large mirror in the back of the cab. “We believe that customers will have an incredible experience in their memories when you see the reflection of themselves in the rear of the cabin, floating freely in space.”

Virgin Galactic was founded by british billionaire Richard Branson in 2004. Branson plans to be the first passenger when they begin commercial flights.

Virgin Galactic

like its predecessor, SpaceShipTwo is a rocket plane that’s been released under a jet aircraft and released at high altitude. After a moment of free fall, the two pilots ignited the rocket and the spacecraft is launched and accelerates vertically at supersonic speed. The rocket shuts down, but the momentum carried the ship to the lower reaches of space, where he turns to the windows in the ceiling of the cockpit to give a view of the Earth.

The passengers, dressed in suits designed by the company Under Armour, will be able to leave their seats and float around the cabin, using brackets tested by the trainer’s main astronauts Beth Moses during the second flight of Virgin Galactic into space last year.

The test was meant to help finalize the design and learn how to train the astronauts of passengers to what they will experience as to lose gravity and get to the top of the flight profile, known as their peak, before the start of the descent.

Virgin Galactic

Moses said that you tried different ways of entering and exiting the seats, moved around the cabin and greeted him in the mirror, coming to the conclusion that it was not misleading. Passengers must return to their seats after a few minutes as the ship reorients and begins to interact with the growing density of the atmosphere and then glides to a landing without engine.

Virgin Galactic

SpaceShipTwo took place at the headquarters of Virgin Galactic in Mojave, California, and will operate commercially from Spaceport America in southern New Mexico, where passengers will receive several days of training before their flights.

George Whitesides, the former CEO of the company and is now the main official space, explained that the next test flight will include four members of the crew that will play the role of passengers.

Virgin Galactic

still, The company has not set a date for flights with passengers. However, it has been reported that more than 600 people have already paid the ticket. The seats early they were sold at a $ 250,000 each (approximately 213.000 euros), although the company claims that the cost may increase in the first trips. Even so, the long-term goal is to make these space travel much more affordable.

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