Herman Van leuven luc van wassenhoven is held by the federal public prosecutor’s office, accused of private corruption, money-laundering, forgery, use of false documents and association with offenders. That is, the relationship between the former manager of Anderlecht, and the agents so deeply was shown by the fact that leuven luc van wassenhoven, along with a real estate agent Dejan Veljkovic, secretly, personalized shirts, it would have to go out and buy. That verkaarde spijtoptant Veljkovic, as confirmed by a well-informed source.

The examining magistrate is Of the opinion that leuven luc van wassenhoven has several times a bribe was stopped in transfers and contract renewals. Van leuven luc van wassenhoven, denies that, though he does admit that ‘mistakes’ have been made. That is, the relationship between the Anderlecht manager, and real estate agents to be very close, were, could, among other things, the staff of a posh boutique in Brussels, avenue Louise, a couple of years, have been identified.

After that Sofiane Hanni is after his first successful season with Anderlecht, was not satisfied with his salary, began the talks over an improved contract. That was there as well, and as a special thank you to the good deal and got a van leuven luc van wassenhoven was having a giveaway: Veljkovic would have whisked it to a shop in the chic avenue Louise. At the expense of the football agent, there would be a very expensive, custom-shirts, with the initials, ‘QTY’ ingeborduurd, and the costumes have been tailor made for Herman Van leuven luc van wassenhoven, which also includes two watches, it would have been one for him, one for his wife. The totaalfactuur, it would be in the thousands took to the dismay of Veljkovic himself. That is the football agent, during his interview as the spijtoptant in the Operation Clean Hands and told you to have it. Or leuven luc van wassenhoven secret vriendendienst has to be known, is not known.

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Herman Van leuven luc van wassenhoven was sacked by Anderlecht, when the recordkampioen in 2017, it was taken over by Marc Coucke. He then went on to work as a real estate agent.

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