sledding, cross-country skiing or downhill skiing – winter sports enthusiasts were able to enjoy the third weekend of advent in many places. The Winter is not los but still the right one: The week starts with clouds and rain, especially in the West of Germany, it will again be mild, reported the German weather service (DWD) in Offenbach on Sunday. In the East, it’ll stay frosty. At temperatures between minus two and plus two degrees, there is snow or freezing might occur, rain. Responsible of the collision between the deep foothills and the High, “Gotthard”, in which the fronts over Germany, DWD meteorologist Marco Manitta said. The danger of ice on the road to stay, there are also the beginning of the week.

On Sunday, slippery roads in Rhineland-Palatinate brought, of all things, a stray vehicle to Slide: In Saul’s home, the vehicle skidded of the road in the window of a business, the police announced. The entire Window was broken, parts of the masonry were damaged.

Little hope the meteorologists make all those who wish for a white Christmas. “Who wants to see snow, had to drive in the Alps and in the Central and Eastern mountains,” said Manitta.

The recent advent weekend offered at least a taste of winter fun. With the Start of the ski season many of the lifts were put into operation, and transported their guests to the slopes and pistes. On the Fichtelberg mountain in Saxony, the snow level ceiling 57 centimeters. In the Upper ore mountains, it was 20 to 30 centimeters, “Ski and toboggan well”. At the Feldberg in the black forest, the snow and the sun drew at the weekend on the slopes – 8 of the 38 lifts were on the first weekend of the ski season in operation, said a staff member of the lift group. Also in North Rhine-Westphalia, Winterberg in the Sauerland region of snow made the skiing perfect: It was snowing at temperatures of minus seven degrees.

bone-Chilling cold and Wind bite-in grooves on the chunks of the nasty sides of the winter in memory. However, they have transformed the highest mountain of the Harz mountains, also in a picture-book winter landscape: “It’s 35 inches of snow on the ground and on the buildings of ice are increases of up to 70 centimeters in thickness,” said weather observer Marc Kinkeldey from the local Station of the German weather service (DWD) on Sunday.

The skiers in the resin does not have to wait, however, somewhat, the amount of snow. For the traces of the trails in the sports area, it is still too early, said a spokeswoman for the Tourist-Information Schierke. “For sledding and a hearty snowball fight but there’s not enough from all.”

In Bavaria were skiers on the first weekend in December on the Zugspitze glacier depart this weekend for more ski resorts had ushered in the free state of the fun on the slopes. In the territories of the Bavarian, allgäu and Berchtesgaden Alps, the snow attaches to the ceiling is currently on the order of 50 centimeters. It was for this time of year below average little, like a DWD spokesman said.