The unions have called on the controllers to strike, and the consequences will be felt at the end of the week. From Friday December 2 to Sunday December 4, rail traffic will be severely disrupted. From Friday to Monday, only 4 TGV-Intercités out of 10 will run. The TGV Est, Atlantique, Sud-Est, Nord, Ouigo and Intercités lines will be the most affected this weekend, as reported by Le Parisien.

Lines to international destinations are also being disrupted by the strike: only Eurostar and Thalys will be spared. The expected frequency is one in three TGVs bound for Switzerland and Italy, one in two for Germany and no traffic to Spain.

The cause of the strike? The unions are demanding higher wages in the face of inflation, but not only! The demands also relate to the improvement of working conditions, as well as the question of the number of recruitments. The management claims to have made several proposals to the trade unionists after long negotiations. Wednesday, December 7 will see the start of the mandatory annual negotiations within the SNCF group. The CGT, joined by SUD-Rail and CFDT called for a united strike that day.

However, the disruptions should be much less restrictive from Monday: 3 out of 4 trains should be operational, all lines combined. If you have booked your tickets for a journey on which a train will not provide service, you should receive an email or an SMS informing you of this.

Find below the 10 regions affected by the strikes.