at the Snap, the company behind the popular app, Snapchat, has been in the last quarter, again increased. There were, once again, millions of users, and the sales went on firmly.

with The app, Snapchat had been at the end of the previous month’s 210 million people that are daily active. Three months earlier, there were 203 million people. The kwartaalopbrengsten weights at an annual rate of 50 percent up to more than 446 million dollars. Below the line decreased with the loss of up to more than 227 million u.s. dollars, of more than $ 325 million a year ago.

Snap is expected in the fourth quarter, again a significant sales growth and is thinking of the last time of the year, in addition to be able to close the year with a positive bottom line.

Snapchat, which allows users to upload photos to each other that then disappear, it is especially popular among young people because of the many features that they are the photos you are using. Thus, it is possible for someone’s face to change so that he or she has a dog and seems to get in the faces of the two people to make a change.