The MP Repro printing center is taking a new direction to its service offering with the creation of Muropix Deco. Focused on interior design, the new division is intended for the printing and perforation of large decorative wall panels for consumers and designers.

On its transactional platform, they will be able to order rigid panels which will be printed and cut with various patterns, chosen from the selection offered or submitted by themselves.

“This is the first time we have done this type of project,” confides the president of MP Repro, Carmela Martinez. “It’s a new market for us, even if these are products that we have already made for our existing customers. »

She has been running the family business since 2014. “It’s ten years this year!” she notes, almost surprised.

At the end of May, she gave the telephone interview from Germany, where she was attending Drupa, the largest trade fair dedicated to printing technologies, held every four years. She visited it for the first time, in order to identify new avenues of sustainable development. She is accompanied by her sister Vincenza Martinez, vice president and senior designer at MP Repro.

The new Muropix Deco division is a joint project they have been working on for four years.

“We love design, we love decor, and we wanted to offer a service to the general public, to people who have the same desire to decorate their home or office,” explains the president. “We wanted to make a transactional site and offer designs and solutions that were already ready.”

Their technology, already proven with their business customers, combines large format printing and cutting of rigid panels.

“We have different types of materials, we can cut from composite aluminum or wood panels,” explains Vincenza Martinez.

The Muropix Deco site offers different openwork patterns, often inspired by European, Oriental or Asian traditions: stained glass, moucharabiehs, trees of life, etc.

The patterns, shapes or letters are cut by laser, router or blade on digital cutting tables.

The customer can also provide their own file – illustration, photo, etc. “It becomes very personalized as a result,” emphasizes the president.

The panels can be hung on the wall, form dividing walls or combined with decorative elements.

Founded in 1964 by Carmela and Vincenza’s father, Gaetano Martinez, MP Repro initially specialized in printing plans, illustrations and technical drawings for architects, town planners, engineers and other builders.

About thirty years ago, the company expanded its services to large format digital printing, but in small series. “It’s always been very personalized and on-demand services,” says Carmela Martinez.

MP Repro has since diversified into the production of large printed and cut panels, often in partnership with designers.

This expensive production machinery will be used in the new Muropix Déco division.

“The idea is that everything is done internally with us, with the equipment we have at MP, so with our printers, our cutters, the same staff,” underlines the president. “So it’s very complementary to what we’re already doing. »

MP Repro has around sixty employees, with a main workshop in the Saint-Laurent borough and a service counter in the city center.

The new division will increase orders, it is hoped. New hires are planned over the coming months.

Equinoxe Life Care, a provider of private home care services, has acquired the Quebec activities of Elizz, the private care division of the Canadian company SE Santé. Founded in 1998, Equinoxe specializes in senior care, chronic disease management, post-operative care and comfort care. “To provide better care, we needed to continue to invest in our tools, increase our pool of beneficiary attendants, nurses, and have the best team in the office to support them. And for that, you have to be at scale,” explains Equinoxe CEO Jérémy Altman. With this acquisition, Equinoxe’s workforce will increase from just under 200 to nearly 300 employees. The transaction is well-timed to support the next growth spurt for Equinoxe, which launched its LifeCare Plus home care and safety program last fall. It provides seniors with 24/7 access to virtual care and telehealth.

The tablet specialist is expanding. Corealis Pharma inaugurates its new laboratories on Monday in the Cité de la Biotech, in Laval. Founded in 2005 by scientists Yves Roy, Patrick Gosselin and Yves Mouget, the laboratory specializes in “formulation development of solid oral pharmaceutical dosage forms”. In other words, tablets, if you prefer a formula that is easier to assimilate. The contract research organization (CRO) offers its biomedical research services to a clientele spread across various regions of the world, but mainly located in Boston and California. The expansion increases the premises of the Quebec company from 30,000 to 55,000 square feet. It will allow it to increase its team by around twenty employees by 2025, to bring its workforce to around 75 people. The investment totals $10 million – without any government intervention, the company argues. It experienced sales growth of 15% in 2023. In short, Corealis Pharma is healthy.

Powerlace sold a record 1,000 pairs of self-lacing shoes in five days after appearing on the show Dans l’oeil du Dragon on May 22. Unfortunately, no dragon has shown interest in investing, despite the originality of the system. The company has filed five patent applications and entered into licensing agreements in the United States and Europe for the use of its technologies.