Airplane mode is a very widespread feature: indeed, the overwhelming majority of smartphones have it. It can be activated from your phone’s settings, and even from the notification center for certain models. When airplane mode is activated, your smartphone automatically disconnects from Wi-Fi and the mobile data network, cuts off Bluetooth and geolocation.

Your phone’s other features will remain usable, so you can take pictures, set or ring an alarm clock, or fill in your calendar. Additionally, you can also choose to turn wifi and bluetooth back on, while keeping airplane mode on.

More and more individuals declare themselves to be hypersensitive to electromagnetic waves emitted in particular by mobile phones. In addition, these waves are classified as “possible human carcinogen” by the IARC, according to The Conversation.

However, there are legal obligations for mobile phone manufacturers in the form of limits on the “absorption rate”, i.e. the amount of electromagnetic energy absorbed by the body in contact with the device.

Regarding airplane mode, it would not be very effective in limiting the emission of waves, given the fact that these emissions are much stronger when the phone is in use. The difference in transmission rate between a phone in normal standby and that of a phone in airplane mode therefore remains very minimal.

Discover below the 7 situations in which activating airplane mode is on the contrary very useful…